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The impact of the environment on health and wellbeing with Dr Erica McIntyre

This episode focuses on Dr Erica McIntyres’ transdisciplinary research in the area of environmental psychology. We discuss the impact of environmental contaminants and urban design on human and planetary health and wellbeing.

Mental health disorders and child development with Dr Tanya Hanstock

In this episode, Dr Tanya Hanstock and I discuss key issues in mental health for children and young people, using bipolar disorder as an example. Tanya also offers practical tips for how to balance research and practice.

Psychometrics and psychological assessment tools with Dr Nicole Sugden

This episode focuses on Dr Nicole Sugden’s research using neuropsychological assessment tools and uses this work as the basis for a discussion of the importance of psychometric evaluation of assessment tools in general. In particular, we discuss Dr Sugden’s fascinating findings in the areas of premorbid functioning and prospective memory.

Political psychology and systemic therapeutic approaches with Dr Averil Cook

This episode focuses on Dr Averil Cook’s work in the area of political psychology. We discuss examples of how to apply systemic therapeutic approaches with the intention of challenging mainstream assumptions in psychology and developing research and practice that is driven by social justice and cultural awareness.

Women's psychosocial health with Dr Robyn Brunton

This episode focuses on Dr Robyn Brunton’s research unpacking the connection between women’s adverse childhood experiences, such as various kinds of abuse, and subsequent pregnancy-related anxiety.

The intersection between physiotherapy and psychology with Ryan McGrath

This episode explores the intersection between physiotherapy and psychology with Ryan McGrath. Ryan describes his research unpacking encounters between physiotherapists and clients experiencing psychological distress.

Mathematical models of human decision making with Dr Gabriel Tillman

This episode explores mathematical models of how people make decisions with Dr Gabriel Tillman. Gabriel describes his research into why people are worse at driving when someone is talking to them, as well as the parts of speech sounds people use to understand what they are hearing.

Education and training of future psychologists with Dr Elly Quinlan

This episode explores the education and training of future psychologists with Dr Elly Quinlan. Elly describes her research unpacking tolerance of uncertainty in psychologists working with complex clients or clients who might be at risk, as well as the potential for discomfort to lead psychologists to avoid asking clients about their sexual abuse histories.

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